The Commission allows filers to elect whether to transact under a single market-based rate tariff for an entire corporate family or under separate tariffs. These so-called joint tariffs allow corporate families to more clearly organize their tariff records, electronic tariff databases and simplify their tariff filings. For corporate families using a joint tariff, only the designated filer is required to submit tariff revisions, for example when its category status changes or when Commission-approved or required language in the tariff needs updating.
When done correctly the corporate family will only need to amend the eTariff databases of the non-designated filers if the designated filer changes (this includes a Notice of Succession by the designated filer). Any other tariff amendment will only need to be made to the joint tariff housed in the designated filer’s eTariff database.


  1. Each member of the corporate family must have its own, unique company identifier and eTariff database.
  2. The corporate family selects a company to serve as the “designated filer” for the corporate family. The designated filer is responsible for submitting and maintaining the joint tariff.
  3. The designated filer submits the joint tariff into its eTariff database. In addition to all standard market-based rate tariff provisions, the joint tariff should reflect, for each filer it serves, all appropriate citations, category status designations, or any other provisions unique to any particular filer that shares the tariff.
  4. Each remaining filer, in its own eTariff database, must create a record to incorporate by reference the tariff submitted by the designated filer.
  • These records must identify the designated filer’s name, tariff title, tariff program/regulated industry, e.g., electric, natural gas pipeline, oil pipeline, etc., specific tariff records that are to be incorporated by reference, and any limitations to the incorporation by reference.
  • The text in these records should match the metadata submitted by the designated filer. Also, the reference to the name of the designated filer must be identical to what is reported to the Commission in the company registration database

This page was last updated on August 07, 2020