Order No. 861

July 18, 2019
Docket No. RM19-2-000

The Commission issued Order No. 861 on July 18, 2019, which will improve FERC’s monitoring of wholesale power markets by streamlining the way it collects certain data for market-based rate purposes, specifically collecting this information in a database. The approved changes will eliminate duplication, minimize compliance burdens, modernize data collections, and make information collected through its programs more usable and accessible for the Commission, its staff and the public.

Among other things, the final rule adopts changes to reduce and clarify the scope of ownership information that sellers must provide as part of their market-based rate filings, revises the information required in a seller’s asset appendix as well as the format through which such information must be submitted, and eliminates the requirement that sellers submit corporate organizational charts.

Order No. 861-A

In this order on rehearing, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission grants clarification in part and denies rehearing of certain revisions to its regulations regarding the horizontal market power analysis required for market-based rate sellers that study certain Regional Transmission Organization or Independent System Operator markets and submarkets therein.

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