Consult Stakeholders (4.38(b)(3))

You need to identify all relevant federal and state agencies, Indian tribes, non-governmental organizations, and interested parties of your proposal. Consultation also provides the agencies and the public an opportunity to voice any concerns or request any studies that may be relevant to the proposed project. You must document that all three stages of the consultation process in 18 C.F.R. § 4.38 (original licenses and exemptions) were fully satisfied.

For more information on how to identify appropriate stakeholders for, see: Identifying Appropriate Agencies and Stakeholders.

You must hold at least one joint meeting with stakeholders to explain your project (i.e., its facilities and operation), review your existing information, discuss the project's potential environmental effects, and find out if there are any needed studies to fill information gaps.

For more information on how to file a joint agency meeting notice and complete the three-stage consultation process, see: Joint Agency Meeting NoticeJoint Meeting Newspaper Notice, and Consultation Checklist

Should you and the stakeholders reach agreement on ways to shorten the consultation process (e.g., eliminate the joint agency meeting or change the comment period on the draft application from 90 days to 30 days), an applicant may request the Commission waive any or all of the consultation requirements for an exemption or license application. See: Request for Waiver Checklist

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