In preparing conduit and 10-MW exemption applications, applicants should follow section 4.38(b) of the Commission's regulations. If applying for a license, there are three processes available: Integrated Licensing Process (ILP), Traditional Licensing Process (TLP), and the Alternative Licensing Process (ALP). Many small hydropower developers prefer to use the Commission's TLP because the TLP has fewer defined pre-filing steps and deadlines than the ILP, has a more informal study development process than the ILP, and does not require the formation of a collaborate workgroup like the ALP. For further information click each box:

Small/Low Impact Hydropower Projects - Process Overview


File Preliminary Information   ->  Consult Stakeholders  ->  Gather Information  ->  Prepare Application


For a summary of the major differences between each licensing process see: Matrix Comparing the Three Licensing Processes

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