Docket No. AD21-13-000

This event will be webcast. 
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Technical conference to discuss issues surrounding the threat to electric system reliability posed by climate change and extreme weather events.  Commissioners may attend and participate in the technical conference.

This technical conference will address concerns that because extreme weather events are increasing in frequency, intensity, geographic expanse, and duration, the number and severity of weather-induced events in the electric power industry may also increase.

This technical conference will also address the specific challenges posed to electric system reliability by climate change and extreme weather, which may vary by region.  For example, addressing the reliability challenges associated with wildfires may not be appropriate in a region where a different challenge, such as weather-driven fuel supply interruptions, is more likely to occur. 

Registration for the conference is not required and there is no fee for attendance.  A supplemental notice will be issued seeking comments prior to the technical conference.  Following comment submissions, an additional supplemental notice will be issued with further details regarding the technical conference agenda, as well as any changes in timing or logistics.  

Individuals interested in participating as panelists should self-nominate through the WebEx registration form by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday, April 7, 2021 at:  

For more information about this technical conference, please contact Rahim Amerkhail, 202-502-8266, for technical questions or Sarah McKinley, 202-502-8368, for logistical issues. 

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