Docket No. AD20-14-000 (Washington, DC)

The purpose of this conference is to discuss considerations related to state adoption of mechanisms to price carbon dioxide emissions, commonly referred to as carbon pricing, in regions with Commission-jurisdictional organized wholesale electricity markets.

The conference will be open for the public to attend, and there is no fee for attendance.  Supplemental notices will be issued prior to the conference with further details regarding the agenda, how to register to participate, and the format (including whether the technical conference will be held in-person or electronically).  Information on this technical conference will also be posted on the Calendar of Events on the Commission’s website,, prior to the event.

The conference will be transcribed.  Transcripts will be available for a fee from Ace Reporting, (202) 347-3700. 

Commission conferences are accessible under section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  For accessibility accommodations, please send an e-mail to, call toll-free (866) 208-3372 (voice) or (202) 208-8659 (TTY), or send a fax to (202) 208-2106 with the required accommodations.

Event Details

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