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FERC took several actions today focused on inverter-based resources (IBRs), including proposing that new mandatory standards be developed to enhance the reliability of the bulk electric system.

IBRs are solar photovoltaic, wind, fuel cell and battery storage resources that use power electronic devices to change direct current power, produced by generators, to alternating current power, to be transmitted on the bulk-power system. As use of this technology grows, it is important to ensure that IBRs do not adversely impact the technical reliability of the grid.

“FERC’s most solemn responsibility is protecting the reliability of the bulk power system. And that includes ensuring that promising new technologies, like IBRs, are configured and operated in a manner that enhances, not weakens, grid reliability. Today’s orders set us on that course,” FERC Chairman Rich Glick said.

FERC’s orders today include three IBR-focused actions:

  • An order directing NERC to develop a plan to register the entities that own and operate IBRs (RD22-4);
  • A Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to direct NERC to develop reliability standards for IBRs that cover data sharing, model validation, planning and operational studies, and performance requirements (RM22-12); and
  • An order approving reliability standards that are related to IBRs, which NERC proposed earlier this year (RD22-5).


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