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  1. Applicant assesses market need and considers project feasibility
  2. Applicant requests use of FERC's Pre-Filing Process
  3. FERC receives Applicant's request to conduct its review of the project within FERC's NEPA Pre-Filing Process
  4. FERC formally Approves Pre-Filing Process and issues PF Docket No. to Applicant
  5. Applicant studies potential site locations
  6. Applicant identifies Stakeholders
  7. Applicant holds open house to discuss project
  8. FERC Participates in Applicant's open house
  9. FERC issues Notice of Intent for Preparation of an EA opening the scoping period to seek public comments.
  10. FERC may hold public scoping meeting(s) and site visits in the project area. Consults with interested stakeholders
  11. Applicant conducts route studies and field surveys. Develops application.
  12. Applicant files formal application with the FERC
  13. FERC issues Notice of Application
  14. FERC analyzes data and prepares EA
  15. FERC - If no scoping comments are received, EA is placed directly into eLibrary. If substantive comments are received, EA is mailed out for public comment.
  16. FERC responds to comments
  17. Commission Issues Order
  18. Parties can request FERC to rehear decision
  19. Applicant submits outstanding information to satisfy conditions of Commission Order
  20. FERC issues Notice to Proceed with construction.

This page was last updated on June 25, 2020