Welcome to FERC's Open Government Web page. At FERC, we embrace the three principles of transparency, participation, and collaboration forming the foundation of an open government.

Transparency: Promotes accountability by providing the public with information about what the Government is doing. FERC information is available in eLibrary and our Major Orders sections along with Decisions & Notices and technical conferences information. Participation: Allows members of the public to contribute ideas and expertise so that their government can make policies with the benefit of information that is widely dispersed in society. FERC actively solicits expertise and viewpoints via our rulemaking process, scoping process and technical conferences.

Collaboration: Improves the effectiveness of Government by encouraging partnerships and cooperation within the Federal Government, across levels of government, and between the Government and private institutions. FERC collaborates with NARUC on both Demand Response and Smart Grid.

FERC’s 2016 Open Government Plan

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