Natural Gas Project Landowner/Stakeholder Topics of Interest

FERC considers applications from natural gas companies for construction and operation of interstate natural gas pipelines, storage facilities, compressor stations, other natural gas infrastructure, and liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals. In addition, FERC monitors the construction of natural gas projects to ensure compliance with environmental conditions required by the Commission.

If the natural gas project is on or abuts your land, as a landowner, you likely will first hear of it from the Natural Gas Company as it begins negotiations for use of your property and/or collects environmental information required for its application to the Commission. If you are interested in a proposed natural gas project, as a stakeholder, you may first learn of it through newspaper notices. The Q&As and the links on this page are intended to guide you to information and resources to help you understand FERC’s role, how you may participate in a FERC proceeding, and how to resolve disputes that arise during construction.


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This page was last updated on August 02, 2022