The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 requires the Commission to conduct a national assessment of demand response potential, develop a national action plan on demand response, and with the Department of Energy develop a proposal to implement the national action plan. So far the Commission has accomplished the following:

A National Forum on Demand Response

Part of the July 2011 Implementation Proposal called for a “National Forum” on demand response to be conducted by DOE and FERC. Given the rapid development of the demand response industry, DOE and FERC decided that a "virtual" project, in which state officials, industry representatives, members of a National Action Plan Coalition, and experts from research organizations would work together over a short, defined period to share ideas, examine barriers, and explore solutions for demand response would be more effective than an in-person conference. To help answer what remains to be done with demand response, working groups were formed in the following four areas. Preliminary and final results of the working groups are available for downloading by selecting each group below.

  1. Framework for evaluating the cost-effectiveness of demand response (Cost-effectiveness Working Group): NAPDR Cost-effectiveness
  2. Measurement and verification for demand response resources (Measurement & Verification Working Group): NAPDR Measurement & Verification
  3. Program design and implementation of demand response programs (Program Design & Implementation Working Group):
  4. Assessment of analytical tools and methods for demand response (Tools & Methods Working Grouop): NAPDR Assessment of Analytical Tools

Definition of Demand Response

Changes in electric usage by end-use customers from their normal consumption patterns in response to changes in the price of electricity over time, or to incentive payments designed to induce lower electricity use at times of high wholesale market prices or when system reliability is jeopardized.

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