Order No. 578
In this rule, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Commission) adopted regulations to implement the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act of 1990 (ADRA). To implement its policy in support of alternative dispute resolution, the Commission amended its Rules of Practice and Procedure to add regulations adopting provisions authorized in the ADRA and to establish procedures for approving ADR in particular proceedings.

In particular, the new rules:

  • Adopt guidelines for applying ADR techniques and definitions from the ADRA;
  • Establish procedures for submitting, reviewing, and monitoring proposals to use ADR in specific proceedings;
  • Incorporate the provisions of the ADRA regarding binding arbitration proceedings, arbitral awards, and review of arbitration results; and
  • Adopt the provisions of the ADRA regarding confidentiality in ADR proceedings established under the new rules.

The Commission also amended its Rules of Practice and Procedure to modify existing regulations and to add new regulations with respect to the submission and review of offers of settlement. Finally, the Commission consolidated almost all of its regulations dealing with the use of ADR in oil pipeline rate proceedings into its Rules of Practice and Procedure.

Order No. 578

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