eLibrary is a records information system that contains:

  1. Electronic versions of documents issued by FERC from 1989-Present;
  2. Documents received and issued by FERC:
    1. A description/index of documents from 1981-Present;
    2. Microfilm and aperture cards of documents for 1981-1995;
    3. Scanned images of paper documents from 1995-Present; and
    4. Native files electronically submitted from November 2000-Present

The images and native files are available on your desktop. Through eLibrary, you may request copies of older documents, which are available only on microfilm and aperture cards.

eLibrary provides:

  • Powerful search capabilities, including the ability to search the text of recent, scanned documents using optical character recognition;
  • Desk-top access to electronic filings and issuances, scanned documents, and large format maps;
  • Several file formats for accessing and downloading documents; and
  • The option to request that documents be printed or downloaded at your desktop, or by the contractor in the Public Reference Room

This page was last updated on August 01, 2020