System for electronically filing and viewing market-based tariffs. The market-based rate tariff governs a seller’s wholesale sales at market-based rates. The Commission requires that this tariff be submitted electronically through the Commission’s eTariff system in compliance with Order No. 714.

Your Tariff

What is a Tariff? A Tariff is a compilation of Terms and Conditions of Service, rates and schedules, contracts and a copy of each form of service agreement, of a particular regular entity, as required by the various statutes and Commission Regulation. Any entity seeking to request market-based rate authority must have a tariff on file with the Commission.

The following links provide example tariffs and tariff provisions used in market-based rate tariffs. You submit a tariff when completing an inital application or a tariff revision. For a cheat sheet of eTariff codes used in the market based-rate program, or for a complete list.

Tariffs are submitted using our xml schema.

Market-Based Rate Tariff Provisions

Single Corporate (Joint) Tariffs


Complete eTariff information.

The Commission requires that all tariffs, tariff revisions and rate change applications be filed electronically in the manner prescribed by Order No. 714. The Commission uses the eTariff system to store and manage industry tariffs.

Tariffs are submitted using our xml schema. For a cheat sheet of eTariff codes used in the market based-rate program, or for a complete list.

The eTariff Viewer allows the public access to view the status of Tariffs which have been submitted to FERC.


eTariff Viewer is optimized for Internet Explorer version 8 or higher. The Silverlight browser plug-in is required to view tariff record text. Several browsers do not support the Silverlight browser plug-in including Chrome and Windows 10 Edge.


The tariff viewer is being provided to help the public review tariff provisions electronically. The rendition of the tariff provisions and the status of these provisions are based on the best efforts of Commission staff, but do not necessarily represent the rates or terms and conditions of service on file at any particular point in time. Reference should be made to the Commission orders to establish the filed rates or terms and conditions of service.

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