The Form No. 1 is a comprehensive financial and operating report submitted annually for electric rate regulation, market oversight analysis, and financial audits by Major electric utilities, licensees and others. As detailed in 18 CFR § 101(Uniform System of Accounts Prescribed for Public Utilities and Licensees Subject to the Provision of the Federal Power Act, General Instructions), Major is generally defined as having in each of the three previous calendar years, sales or transmission services that exceed one of the following: (1) one million megawatt hours of total annual sales; (2) 100 megawatt hours of annual sales for resale; (3) 500 megawatt hours of annual power exchanges delivered; or (4) 500 megawatt hours of annual wheeling for others (deliveries plus losses). New entities that expect to be in the Major category should begin filing based on projected data.

Filling Date
1902-0021, expires 11/30/2022

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