Contact Information

To ensure the Commission has the most up-to-date project contact information, the licensee/exemptee is required to designate a Primary Person of Record who is responsible for the project for non-dam-safety issues. The Commission is also encouraging licensees/exemptees to provide a secondary point of contact. Please note, if the project is co- licensed, a Contact Information Sheet is required for each co-licensee associated with the project.

The licensee/exemptee must complete the Contact Information Sheet available via the links below and file it with the Commission utilizing the electronic filing system (preferred) or submit the document via paper copy. Please follow the guidance listed under Filing Instructions on this page.

Any contact(s) provided must be eRegistered (see Doing Business Electronically below), and must provide the eRegistered email address(es) on the Contact Information Sheet. This email address will be automatically enrolled as the point of contact for eService. If any of the contact information changes during the term of the license/exemption, the licensee/exemptee must update their eRegistered account and submit a revised Contact Information Sheet immediately.

Doing Business Electronically

FERC provides an online system as a gateway for access to project information and filings via the Internet. eRegistration provides an easy-to-use entry point to do business with FERC and is required for use of some of the Commission’s other systems. eFiling allows you to submit filings electronically. eLibrary is the Commission’s online records information service providing public access to documents filed with, or issued by, the Commission. eService ensures that parties on the Service List receive electronic notification of Commission issuances and is the Commission’s primary method of service of Commission issuances. eSubscription allows you to subscribe to a specific docket (Project Number), and receive notification via email about all future submittals and issuances. Refer to Your Guide to Electronic Information at FERC PDF and the links below to help you to register and subscribe.

eRegister and eSubscription

Filing Instructions

The first page of any filing should include the docket number P-XXXX-XXX and the reason for the submittal. If you are making a filing to address an article or other license requirement please state so in the letter, and identify the article number or other license requirement.

Contact Information

This page was last updated on October 19, 2020