Pipeline identifiers for filings Prior to April 2016:

Three Digit Pipeline Code List for Index of Customers (Form 549B)
Arranged by Number
(Revised September 28, 2015 )
1 Enbridge Pipelines (AlaTenn), Inc.
2 East Tennessee Natural Gas Company
3 Chattanooga Gas Company
4 Granite State Gas Transmission, Inc.
5 Midwestern Gas Transmission Company
6 Sea Robin Pipe Line Company
7 Southern Natural Gas Company
8 South Georgia Natural Gas Company
9 Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company
10 Tennessee Natural Gas Lines, Inc.
11 Gulf South Pipeline Company, LP
12 Distrigas of Massachusetts LLC
13 Gas Gathering Corporation
14 Lawrenceburg Gas Transmission Corporation
15 Enbridge Pipelines (MidLa) Inc.
16 National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation
17 Texas Eastern Transmission, LP
18 Texas Gas Transmission Corporation
19 Utah Gas Service Company
20 Algonquin Gas Transmission Company
21 Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation
22 Dominion Transmission, Inc.
23 Eastern Shore Natural Gas Company
24 Equitable Gas Company/Equitrans L.P.
25 Enable Mississippi River Transmission, LLC
26 Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America
27 North Penn Gas Company
28 Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company
29 Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC
30 CMS Trunkline Gas Company, LLC
31 Enable Gas Transmission, LLC
32 Colorado Interstate Gas Company
33 El Paso Natural Gas Company
34 Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLC
35 West Texas Gas Inc.
36 Mountain Fuel Supply Company
37 Northwest Pipeline Corporation
38 Ringwood Gathering Company
39 Pacific Interstate Transmission Company
40 Raton Gas Transmission Company
41 Paiute Pipeline Company
42 Transwestern Pipeline Company
43 Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.
44 Commercial Pipeline Company, Inc.
45 Inter-City Minnesota Pipelines Ltd., Inc.
46 Kentucky West Virginia Gas Company, L.L.C
47 MIGC, Inc.
48 ANR Pipeline Company
49 WBI Energy Transmission, Inc.
50 Valley Gas Transmission Company
51 Great Lakes Gas Transmission Company
52 Western Gas Interstate Company
53 Kinder Morgan Interstate Gas Transmission LLC
54 Louisiana-Nevada Transit Company
55 Questar Pipeline Company
56 Valero Interstate Transmission Company
57 Western Transmission Corporation
58 Texas Gas Pipe Line Corporation
59 Northern Natural Gas Company
60 Locust Ridge Gas Company
61 Bayou Interstate Pipeline Systems
62 Pacific Offshore Pipeline Company
63 Carnegie Natural Gas Company
64 Pacific Interstate Offshore Company
65 Jupiter Energy Corporation
66 Superior Offshore Pipeline Company
67 Canyon Creek Compression Company
68 Trailblazer Pipeline Company
69 Stingray Pipeline Company
70 Columbia Gulf Transmission Company
71 Michigan Consolidated Gas Company
72 Pelican Interstate Gas System
73 Ozark Gas Transmission Company
74 Enbridge Offshore Pipelines (UTOS) LLC
75 Transco Gas Supply Company
76 Wyoming Interstate Company, Ltd.
77 High Island Offshore System,L.L.C.
78 Overthrust Pipeline Company
79 Sabine Pipe Line Company
80 Tarpon Transmission Company
81 Interstate Power Company
82 Viking Gas Transmission Company
83 Blue Dolphin Pipe Line Company
84 Caprock Pipeline Company
85 West Texas Gathering Company
86 Gas Transmission Northwest Corporation
87 CMS Trunkline LNG Company, LLC
88 Black Marlin Pipeline Company
89 Northern Border Pipeline Company
90 Texas Sea Rim Pipeline, Inc.
91 ANR Storage Company
92 Mojave Pipeline Company
93 Northwest Alaskan Pipeline Company
94 Inland Gas Company, Inc., The
95 Green Canyon Pipe Line Company
96 Natgas U.S. Inc.
97 Chandeleur Pipe Line Company
98 Lone Star Gas Company
99 Kern River Gas Transmission Company
100 Nora Transmission Company
101 Gulf States Transmission Corporation
102 Seagull Interstate Corporation
103 Moraine Pipeline Company
104 Washington Water Power Company
105 Frontier Gas Storage Company
106 Southwest Gas Storage Company
107 Washington Natural Gas Company
108 Penn-York Energy Corporation
109 Boundary Gas, Inc.
110 Iroquois Gas Transmission System
111 Steuben Gas Storage Company
112 Blue Lake Gas Storage Company
113 Gasdel Pipeline System Inc.
114 Mobile Bay Pipeline Company
115 Sumas International Pipeline Inc.
116 Oktex Pipeline Company
117 K N Wattenberg Transmission L.L. Co.
118 Arkansas Western Pipeline, L.L.C.
119 Young Gas Storage Company, Ltd.
120 Carnegie Interstate Pipeline Company
121 WestGas InterState, Inc.
122 TCP Gathering Company
123 Crossroads Pipeline Company
124 Michigan Gas Storage Company
125 Consumers Power Company
126 Tuscarora Gas Transmission Company
127 Cove Point LNG Limited Partnership
128 Riverside Pipeline Company, L.P.
129 Bear Creek Storage Company
130 Gas Transport, Inc.
131 KO Transmission Company
132 Richfield Gas Storage System
133 KL Transmission Company
134 Shell Gas Pipeline Company
135 Centra Pipelines Minnesota, Inc.
136 Honeoye Storage Corporation
137 Midwest Gas Storage, Inc.
138 Norteño Gas Pipeline Company
139 Penn-Jersey Pipe Line Company
140 Petal Gas Storage Company
141 Phillips Gas Pipeline Company
142 Texas-Ohio Pipeline, Inc.
143 TransColorado Gas Transmission Company
144 Egan Hub Partners, L. P.
145 Cincinnati Gas and Electric Company
146 Union Light, Heat and Power Company
147 Hampshire Gas Company
148 Garden Banks Gas Pipeline L.L.C.
149 Southwest Gas Transmission Co., L.P.
150 Algonquin LNG, Inc.
151 Southern LNG, Inc.
152 Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corporation
153 Texas-Ohio Pipeline, Inc.
154 Jackson Prairie
155 Bluefield Gas Company
156 Glacier Gas Company
157 Point Arguello Natural Gas Line Company
158 Arkansas Western Gas Company
159 Nautilus Pipeline Company, L.L.C.
160 Discovery Gas Transmission, L.L.C.
161 Venice Gathering System, L.L.C.
162 Warren Transportation, Inc.
163 Marco Pipeline Enterprise, L.L.C.
164 Destin Pipeline Company, L.L.C.
165 Dauphin Island Gathering Partners
166 Enbridge Pipelines (KPC)
167 Ozark Gas Transmission, LLC
168 Valero Natural Gas Pipe Line Company
169 Pine Needle LNG Company, LLC
170 Total Peaking Services, LLC
171 Dynegy Midstream Pipeline, Inc.
172 Maritimes-Northeast Pipeline, LLC
173 Portland Natural Gas Transmission System
174 Clear Creek Storage, LLC
175 Vector Pipeline, LP
176 Alliance Pipeline LP
177 Central New York Oil And Gas Company, LLC
178 Horizon Pipeline Company, LLC
179 Great Lakes Gas Transport, LLC
180 Nornew Energy Supply, Inc.
181 North Baja Pipeline, LLC
182 Questar Southern Trails Pipeline Company
183 Gulfstream Natural Gas System, L.L.C.
184 Guardian Pipeline, L.L.C.
185 Trans - Union Interstate Pipeline, L.P.
186 Portland General Electric Company
187 Cheniere Creole Trail Pipeline, L.P.
188 Cheyenne Plains Gas Pipeline Company, LLC
189 SCG Pipeline Inc.
190 NGO Transmission, Inc.
191 MarkWest New Mexico L.P.
192 Central Kentucky Transmission Company
193 Hardy Storage Company, LLC
194 MoGas Pipeline LLC
195 Trans-Union Interstate Pipeline, L.P.
196 Dominion South Pipeline, L.P.
197 Saltville Gas Storage Company, L.L.C.
198 Rockies Express Pipeline, L.L.C.
199 Carolina Gas Transmission Corporation
200 Blue Water Gas Storage, LLC
201 Freebird Gas Storage, LLC
202 Rendezvous Pipeline Company, L.L.C.
203 Caledonia Energy Partners
204 Pine Prairie Energy Center, LLC.
205 WTG Hugoton, LP
206 Kinder Morgan Illinois Pipeline, LLC
207 Black Hills Shoshone Pipeline, LLC
208 SG Resources Mississippi L.L.C.
209 Southeast Supply Header, LLC
210 Steckman Ridge, LP
211 Tres Palacios Gas Storage, LLC
212 Empire Pipeline, Inc.
213 White River Hub, LLC
214 Bobcat Gas Storage
215 Gulf Crossing Pipeline Company, LLC
216 Midcontinent Express Pipeline, LLC
217 Kinder Morgan Louisiana Pipeline, LLC
218 Millennium Pipeline Company L.L.C.
219 Cimarron River Pipeline, LLC
220 Monroe Gas Storage Company, LLC
221 MarkWest Pioneer, L.L.C. (Arkoma Connector Pipeline)
222 Elba Express Company, L.L.C.
223 Wyckoff Gas Storage Company, LLC.
224 Cameron Interstate Pipeline, LLC
225 Boardwalk Storage Company, LLC.
226 Arlington Storage Company, LLC
227 PGPipeline LLC
228 Fayetteville Express Pipeline LLC
229 ETC Tiger Pipeline, LLC
230 Golden Triangle Storage, Inc.
231 Mississippi Hub, LLC.
232 Bison Pipeline LLC
233 Golden Pass Pipeline LLC
234 UGI Storage Company
235 UGI LNG, Inc.
236 Leaf River Energy Center LLC
237 Big Sandy Pipeline, LLC
238 Ruby Pipeline, L.L.C.
239 Gateway Pipeline Corporation
240 Gateway Pipeline USA, Inc.
241 Rager Mountain Storage Company LLC
242 USG Pipeline Company, LLC
243 East Cheyenne Gas Storage, LLC
244 TC Offshore LLC
245 Ryckman Creek Resources LLC
246 Perryville Gas Storage LLC
247 Cadeville Gas Storage LLC
248 High Point Gas Transmission, LLC
249 Kinetica Energy Express, LLC
250 Sierrita Gas Pipeline LLC
251 Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC
252 DBM Pipeline, LLC


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