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Environmental Documents

Note: Beginning in 2016 all Environmental Documents will be posted here.

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Final Environmental Impact Statements
Texas LNG Project (CP16-116-000)
Port Arthur Liquefaction Project, Texas Connector Project, and Louisiana Connector Project (CP17-20-000, CP17-21-000, CP17-21-001, CP18-7-000)
Northeast Supply Enhancement Project (CP17-101-000)
Driftwood LNG, LLC and Driftwood Pipeline, LLC, collectively Driftwood (CP17-117-000 and CP17-118-000)
Environmental Assessments
Sabine Pass Compression Project PDF (CP18-487-000)
Willis Lateral Project PDF (CP18-525-000)
Southeastern Trail Project PDF (CP18-186-000)
Line 1-N Abandonment Project PDF (CP18-533-000)
Midship Project Amendment PDF (CP19-17-000)
Sendero Carisbad Gateway Project, LLC PDF (CP18-538-000)
Adelphia Gateway Project PDF (CP18-46-000, CP18-46-001)