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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Administrative Litigation
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Administrative Hearings
The administrative litigation process begins when the Commission sets a proceeding for hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ). The Chief Administrative Law Judge assigns a presiding judge and sets a hearing schedule. Learn More

As an alternative to litigation, the Commission may also provide participants with the opportunity to resolve conflicts through settlement. Settlement proceedings conducted before an ALJ allows the participants to maintain more control over the process to find a mutually acceptable outcome. Under the Commission's rules of practice and procedure, Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) act as settlement judges, mediators, facilitators, and arbitrators. Learn More

Notices to the Public:
The Chief Judge has issued several notices to the public that provide useful information regarding hearings, settlements, protective orders and general matters. These issuances are listed below.

» Revisions To The Model Protective Order and Related Guidance PDF
» Notice of Electronic Hearing Rules and Procedures PDF
» Time Standards for Discovery PDF

General Guidance:

» Notice of Document Labelling Guidance for Documents Submitted to or Filed with the Commission or Commission Staff PDF (Issued April 14, 2017)


General Settlement Guidance:

Settlement Related Tariff Filings:

Motions to Implement Interim Rates


» Notice of Electronic Hearing Rules and Procedures PDF (Issued September 27, 2019)
» Electronic Hearing Rules and Procedures PDF (Issued January 14, 2020)
» Protected and Critical Energy Infrastructure Material DOC (Issued April 19, 2013)
» Time Standards for Discovery PDF (Issued December 8, 1999)

Protective Orders:

» Model Protective Order DOC (Revised March 13, 2020)
» Revisions to the Model Protective Order and Related Guidance PDF (Issued July 28, 2017)