News Release: May 8, 2020

FERC Update on Building Status Four contract support staff who work at the FERC headquarters building have been diagnosed with COVID-19. We are saddened by this news. These valued members of the FERC community have been working diligently throughout the pandemic. We appreciate their efforts and wish them a speedy recovery.

The risk to the limited number of FERC staff who have been in the building is low. The vast majority of FERC employees and contractors have been teleworking since March 16, following local guidance. The headquarters building remains closed to the public and is now closed to all FERC staff and contractors until further notice.

The Commission continues to operate remotely, and FERC staff continue to fulfill the agency’s critical mission. The impact to operations is extremely minimal.

Please note that FERC is not able to accept deliveries by mail, to include hard copies of filings, until further notice. The process for submitting electronic filings with the Commission is unchanged. The public is strongly encouraged to continue to submit filings and submissions electronically, through the Commission’s eFiling application, at More detailed information relating to filing requirements can be found at: For assistance, contact FERC at or call toll-free, (886) 208-3676 or TYY, (202) 502-8659.




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