NOTE: Fees apply to most services; Customer Service Levels do not include delivery time of materials. Delivery is made by United States Postal Service, standard delivery, unless other arrangements are made by the customer, such as FedEx or electronic delivery.

Service or Product Price Schedule Notes
Certified copies of FERC official documents $5.00/ document Government agencies are exempt.
Copying, Full-service $0.30/ page First-come/first-serve basis
Copying, Large Format (maps, blueprints, etc.) $2.50/ square foot for B&W, Up to $15.00/square foot for color, depending on printer required.  
Copying, self-service $0.25/ page Debit-based
eLibrary Printing, local $0.20/ page Shipping preparation and delivery charges apply
eLibrary Printing, remote web-based $0.20/ page Shipping preparation and delivery charges apply
Faxing, full-service $1.00/ page  
Faxing, self-service (local) $1.00/ page Debit-based
Faxing, self-service (long distance) $2.00/ page Debit-based
Fiche-to-paper, full-serve $2.00/ page  
Research and Research Consultative Services $60.00/ hour Billed in 1/10th of an hour increment; $12 minimum.
Software Duplicates, download to CD $15.00/ disc Additional Handling fees or Research fees may apply.
Scan-to-CD Service $25.00 per CD, plus $0.30 per scanned page  

Payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Check, Visa Check Card

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