Elise Dombeck, Civil Engineer
Education: Georgia Tech, B.S. Civil Engineering 2009 | Georgia Tech, M.S. Civil Engineering (Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Water Resources) 2010
Joined FERC: Summer 2014

Elise Dombeck portrait

“As a civil engineer in the Division of Dam Safety and Inspections, I learn something new every day. I routinely work on a wide variety of technical evaluations from hydraulics to structural and geotechnical. The experience includes not just numerical evaluations, but physical inspection of the facilities. Being able to investigate, question, and analyze provides me a 360-degree-view of a problem and the opportunity to continually improve myself as an engineer.

This year I’ve had the opportunity to complete 14 physical inspections of project facilities as well as function as a member of a team of engineers tasked with performing several independent analyses such as hydraulic flood-routings and site-specific rainfall analyses.”

What is the most exciting part of your career at FERC?

“The most rewarding experiences in my career have included those related to addressing dam safety concerns within my community, as well as others in the United States. It is very important to me that my career be dedicated to serving the best interests of my community and my country. I chose FERC because it provides me the opportunity to work with others both inside and outside the organization to continually improve the public safety of projects.

Your career will go only as far as you push it. Here at FERC, the opportunities for those who are motivated to seek them out are numerous. From the Leadership Development Program, to attendance at annual technical trainings or continuing education classes, FERC provides you the opportunity to grow your career while serving the public interest.”

How do you enjoy working in the Atlanta Regional Office?

“Working in a regional office like Atlanta has been a great experience. Being in a small office provides great opportunities for collaboration and teamwork, while travel and training opportunities allow for networking between the regional offices and DC.”

Julia Kolberg, Environmental Engineer
Education: University of Wisconsin-Madison, B.S. Biological Systems Engineering 2010 | University of Maryland College Park, M.Eng. Civil and Environmental Engineering
Joined FERC: Summer 2014

Julia Kolberg

“I've always been fascinated by the intersection of water, public policy, and energy. Additionally, I enjoy considering the potential policy and social implications of engineering projects. Working at FERC and on FERC projects requires consideration in all of these areas, and it is an interesting challenge.”

What is the best part about being an Engineer at FERC?

“I enjoy considering potential problems and decision from many different angles and with input from many different perspectives, which is an important part of my role at FERC. I like that there is ample opportunity to learn and grow professionally, both through my regular work responsibilities and through outside opportunities. I also love to travel!

I work exclusively on the NEPA analysis of hydropower licensing and re-licensing projects in the Pacific Northwest. These can range from tiny, in-stream generating turbines to traditional dam structures to enormous pump-storage facilities.”

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