The FERC Strategic Plan 2018-2022 identifies new challenges and opportunities for mission-related information and data initiatives.  The Data Governance Division and the Chief Data Officer (CDO) role were established to provide strategy, governance, project management support, and orchestrate shared data services across the Commission.  The CDO is required to report on and provide advice regarding data management and to provide a data architecture, defined as an integrated framework for evolving or maintaining existing data to achieve the agency’s strategic and data management goals. The Data Governance Division and CDO facilitates better use of data and data-driven decision-making following a data governance model similar to other FERC IT governance bodies to make data stewardship decisions and manage or evaluate the performance of data projects and services. 

FERC Public Data Catalog

Under the OPEN Government Data Act, which is Title II of the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act, agencies are required to create a comprehensive data inventory, or data catalog, that accounts for all data assets and data sets created by, collected by, under the control or direction of, or maintained by the agency.

Data Catalogs are living tools and the FERC Public Data Catalog will be regularly updated as data assets and data sets continue to be identified, inventoried, and approved through our data governance process.

FERC Public Data Catalog



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