The system is made up of several main types of screens:

  • Search screens:
    • General
    • Advanced
    • Docket Search
    • Daily Filings/Issuances ("Filed Date" or "FDR") searches
  • Search Results page
  • Request List
  • File List
  • Viewer

The General and Advanced searches use a search engine that searches many different file types such as PDF, Word, WordPerfect, Excel, etc. You can search using multiple search terms such as "and/or/not" (Boolean search), words that occur close together (proximity search), and words with similar meanings (synonym search). The Docket Sheet search consists of three related windows that allow you to quickly search for a specific docket. The first window allows you to search for sub-dockets, check for consolidated dockets and look for old (legacy) documents. The Daily Filings/Issuances ("Filed Date" or "FDR") search provides a quick way to find issuances and/or filings for a specific date. The search uses the filed date and gives you a choice to search by industry library or select all library categories. The Search Results page lists the outcome of the search, and can be sorted by date. From the results page, you can select items for printing, viewing, downloading (in a zipped file), or to be added to the Request List. The Request List allows you to do a search, select items from the results, add them to the Request List, then do another search, and repeat the process. When you complete all the searches, you can view, print, download all items or selected items from the Request List. The File List allows you to specify the individual pages of imaged documents you would like to see, to view the names of individual files in native format, and to access all of the individual files within a particular document. The Viewer allows you to begin viewing the first pages of a document before the last pages have been downloaded. The first page of multiple files can be viewed one after the other. With large format documents, such as maps and schematics, you can zoom in or out, magnify portions of the page, rotate pages, and select a page from thumbnail views. You can print a magnified selection as an 8-1/2" x 11" page.

This page was last updated on August 01, 2020