Please review the following descriptions of information systems to learn more about what information is available online and where it can be found.

FERC Online - FERC Online provides customers with an easy and efficient way to communicate with and do business with the Commission. Read More

eComment - A simple method of submitting text only comments for the Public record in P (hydro), PF (Pre-Filing), PT (Pre-Filing for Electric Transmission Facilities) and CP (Gas Pipeline Certificate Applications) Dockets. Read More

eRegister - Individuals must register with the Commission to obtain access to all the FERC Online applications. Read More

eFiling - Electronically submit qualified documents to FERC in lieu of paper filings. Read More

eSubscription - Users subscribe or 'sign up' for specific dockets and are notified via email about future correspondence. Users have immediate access to the correspondence or documents in eLibrary. Read More

eService - View the official mailing list or service list for a docketed proceeding. Read More

eLibrary - Users have access to over two million documents related to specific docketed proceedings with over ten million pages through the FERC Website. Read More

Forms - Regulated entities file structured data via forms, electronically. Visit Forms for a compiled list of forms and available data. Read More

eTariff - Information for regulated entities on making electronic tariff filings starting April 1, 2010. Read More

Electric Quarterly Reports (EQR) - Public Utilities electronically submit a report summarizing data on contracts and wholesale power sales. Click here for more information. Read More

FERC Automated System for Tariff Retrieval (FASTR) - This database contains tariffs and rates of jurisdictional pipeline companies for the transportation and sale of natural gas. You can also access archived data back to 1991. Read More


Additional Online Services

Directory of Commission External Information Collection Requirements  - This document is an authoritative listing of reporting and recordkeeping requirements currently used by the Commission to carry out its responsibilities.

Policy Statements - Policy Statements, also called Landmark Orders, represent those policy decisions that have a continuing and significant impact on the industries the Commission regulates. See a list of the most important landmark orders issued by the Commission for greater detail.

For materials published and offered for sale, you must visit the Governmental Printing Office, or call 202-512-1800.

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