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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Getting Involved

If you think you might be affected by a proposed natural gas or hydroelectric project regulated by the Commission, you have certain rights. These rights range from being able to look at project correspondence to becoming an intervener and being able to appeal any FERC decisions in federal court.

These rights include:

  1. Accessing and inspecting via eLibrary all public documents associated with the proposed project;
  2. Making your concerns known in writing via eFiling to the Commission and its staff;
  3. Participating in public meetings held in the vicinity of the proposed project area;
  4. Participating in environmental site reviews in the vicinity of the proposed project area;
  5. eFiling comments on draft Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements;
  6. Intervene on a specific proposed project;
  7. Having the Commission's decision reviewed in federal court (you must be an intervener to do this); and
  8. File a Critical Energy Infrastructure Information Request

Please use the following information to help determine how you wish to participate in the Commission's decision making process for natural gas and hydroelectric projects. If your situation deals with a natural gas pipeline, LNG terminal or hydropower project, the Commission's Citizen's Guides are a good place to start.

Should I Get Involved?
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How to Get Involved
Take advantage of a suite of electronic services to easily get involved. Still prefer paper?
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The Process
Natural gas and hydropower projects have distinct processes. This overview will help you to participate. Read More