FERC is proud to release its Equity Action Plan today in support of its mission to assist consumers in obtaining reliable, safe, secure, and economically efficient energy services at a reasonable cost through appropriate regulatory and market means, and collaborative efforts. This two-year Equity Action Plan promotes equity and removal of barriers for underserved communities including environmental justice communities. The FERC Equity Action Plan details how the Commission will incorporate equity and environmental justice into the Commission’s operations in several key areas.

“The Equity Action Plan is a road map for FERC to build a culture and program that ensures the Commission is appropriately integrating environmental justice and equity issues into our decision making and day-to-day operations,” Chairman Rich Glick said. “FERC must meet its responsibility to ensure our decisions do not unfairly impact historically marginalized communities. This plan ensures that environmental justice and equity concerns finally get the attention they deserve at the Commission.”

FERC’s Equity Action Plan complies with President Biden’s Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government, Executive Order 13985.

FERC’s Equity Action Plan

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